Are Dr. Sebi’s products safe?

Yes, all of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Products are 100% naturally organic and safe to use. Each herb used in our formulas is selectively picked and tested by a laboratory before use. We take pride in preparing these special compounds that will optimally help in the reversal of disease. We do however always recommend that if you have any concerns, please consult with your primary physician.

Was Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food compromised after Dr. Sebi’s death?

No. Dr. Sebi’s death, unfortunately, opened an opportunity for other “experts” to come forward and to make unfounded claims about our company and the formulas used to make Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food. Not one of these people have any proof or grounds for the accusations against Dr. Sebi or his products. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is today run by people selected and trained by Dr. Sebi himself. The staff at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is managed by Pablo Medina, Dr. Sebi’s disciple, friend and long time associate. Pablo Medina is the only person who worked with Dr. Sebi when he developed his latest and improved formulas.

Are there other websites that sell official Dr. Sebi’s products?

No. Please alert us, through the customer service line, if you discover anyone claiming to sell or distribute Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food. This website and our physical location in Los Angeles are the only places where you can purchase Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food products. Do not buy or trust products sold anywhere else.

For any other question, please contact us via email at info@drsebiscellfood.com or via phone at (310) 838-2490.