Calming anxiety with CBD (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Calming anxiety with CBD (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Anxiety is the most common ‘mental disorder’ in the world today. In the last twenty years, the number of people with anxiety disorders has doubled.

We need to dig up the real roots of this mental crisis and restore our right to feel calm.

Uncertainty, and loss of control, are making people more anxious than ever. Last year, over 60% of US adults said they were frequently feeling anxious.

Dr. Sebi’s calming CBD effectively reduces excess anxiety, returning your mind, and body, to a state of equanimity.

What is Anxiety?

When the mind is preparing for a challenge (like pubic speaking, or a difficult conversation like a job interview), the body goes on ‘alert’. This prepares us physically, in case we need to fight or run away (faster heart, fluttering stomach, higher blood pressure). Blood, energy, and mental focus are diverted to critical functions, ensuring you can ‘escape’ the situation if needed.

Healthy anxiety is ‘two-way communication’ between the body and brain. The sensation of a fast heart (plus other information below conscious awareness) actively informs the brain that the body is in danger. Anxiety acts like pain, it is an emotional message that warns us about future danger, telling us something is wrong and action is needed.

Anxiety in the Brain

Toxins (including toxic information) cause inflammation and the body signals to the brain using the familiar sensations of anxiety. In reality, the ‘danger’ is stagnant waste, toxic food, mucus, acidity, and a lack of nutrition. The disconnection between brain and body means we ‘search’ for reasons to feel anxious (worry, rumination, and regret) - but the cause of anxiety could be what we ate yesterday.

"What caused insanity? Something was in the colon, sending off a negative message to the brain via the Central Nervous System." - Dr. Sebi

The mind seeks to understand our environment by interpreting data from our senses. When the body says ‘there is danger’, the mind creates reasons to feel anxious. The mind tries to validate how we feel.

When the brain is inflamed, and starved of nutrients, this anxiety (and incorrect interpretation) is worse. When the brain is toxic our ability to understand and analyze information is tainted towards negativity, even if the reality of our life is positive (“I have a loving partner, amazing kids, nice house…… so why do I feel so sad?”).

Disordered Thinking

Past traumas and rational fears (the fear of dying, fear of poverty, fear of exclusion, etc.) are intermingled with inflammatory data (from the food we eat and information we consume), messing up our ability to interpret real threats in our environment.

Humans have evolved to avoid danger, so the default response to the distorted data is fear and anxiety (fear of something that might happen in the future.) Media and marketing know-how to optimize this mental stress to steer us towards ‘comforting’ products (like processed food) or addictive habits (like smoking).

Physical Feelings

The symptoms of anxiety (or panic) are almost identical to symptoms of toxicity (which can be experienced immediately after toxin exposure, a few days later, or when trying to detox):

  • Feeling restless, on-edge, irritable, out of control
  • Feeling fatigued, but unable to sleep or relax
  • Difficulty focusing, thinking clearly and remembering
  • Increased heart rate, palpitations, shortness of breath
  • Sweating, chills, shaking, trembling

Sometimes we know our feelings are ‘unreasonable’ but feel powerless to change. Excess anxiety stops people from living a normal, enjoyable, life. Often - searching for solutions that steer you further into a toxic environment, not realizing the cause is a malnourished or toxic body and brain.

Treating Anxiety

By addressing underlying issues we can ‘turn down the volume of anxiety data in the brain. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful phytonutrient that can decrease our fear-induced responses. Dr. Sebi’s Hemp-CBD products provide natural relaxation for the body and mind, shutting off the excess of anxiety that can ruin our quality of life.

The dramatic increase in anxiety over the last two decades aligns with the increase in inflammatory toxins in our food, air, and water. The elevation in anxiety right now is consistent with increased reporting of potential threats to health and financial stability. Fortunately, when the body and brain are calm, and sleep is restored, inflammation is reduced and you can more clearly interpret information from the environment.

Dr. Sebi’s CBD helps you step out of the inflammatory cycle of fear, reducing the anxiety that tells your brain something must be wrong. Our anxiety needs to be ‘turned down, fortunately, Mother Nature provided healing Hemp so we can change the dial. Find the calm within, take charge of your mindset with CBD.