Enjoy CBD to the fullest spectrum! (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Enjoy CBD to the fullest spectrum! (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Dr. Sebi was a lifelong advocate of the cannabis plant and its potent properties.

Hemp offers the full healing benefits of cannabis, without getting you high. Learn how this healing herb can help you feel more at ease throughout the day, and even heighten your mental state!

Our new range of CBD products aligns with Dr. Sebi’s personal philosophy of providing 100% natural, alkaline herbal supplements for physical and mental wellness. Made only from the highest quality hemp plants, the full-spectrum CBD products relieve anxiety, stress, and pain while promoting feelings of calm, serenity, and increased mental clarity.

“The marijuana, I guarantee you, is one of the best remedies of all time.” - Dr. Sebi

Natural Remedy

Dr. Sebi knew that cannabis was one of Mother Earth’s most healing plants. The plant’s healing qualities come from a powerful phytochemical called cannabidiol, or CBD.

CBD is becoming more commonly used by people suffering from chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep disorders - with immense success. But, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding CBD.

People often associate CBD products and are scared of feeling “high” or losing control. That concern is understandable since Marijuana is not completely legal in many parts of the world. The higher levels of THC found in the Marijuana plant are what causes that “high” feeling, but because THC levels are low in hemp it has been legalized in many countries around the world.

CBD does not alter your mental state, it actually heightens your mental effectiveness, and improves memory. Our bodies are built to enjoy the benefits of this amazing herb.

Get Carried Away

CBD extracts are mixed with oils to dilute them (CBD is potent stuff!) and help transport the fat-soluble CBD into the body. On its own, CBD has a low bioavailability, meaning it can’t easily get into the blood. Unfortunately many CBD oils available on the market use cheap, or even toxic, carrier oils in their products.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food CBD Drops and CBD Soft Gels use hemp seed oil as the most natural carrier oil possible. Reuniting the hemp seed oil with extracted CBD enhances the effects of the CBD, making it the perfect carrier oil:

  • Synergy as the CBD and oil are taken from the same plant, so they work in perfect harmony, increasing the benefits of our premium CBD products.
  • Essential fatty acids from the hemp seed oil support a healthy heart and help balance blood lipids.
  • Protects against inflammation and naturally increases antioxidant levels in the body, protecting blood vessels and tissues from damage.
  • Nutrition: Hemp seed oil is a great source of dietary minerals and nutritional metals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Mood: Hemp seed oil offers additional emotional effects that improve your mood, emotional state, and sleep quality.

​Full Power, Full Spectrum

Hemp is a variety of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC – it provides healing without the high. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food full-spectrum CBD products are exclusively derived from hemp plants, grown organically and GMO-free, outdoors in the pristine fields of Denmark.

Full-spectrum means that all of the hemp plant’s naturally occurring compounds are included in our products. This aligns with Dr. Sebi’s teaching that consuming a plant in its entirety - without any components removed - offers us the maximum benefit for health.

Go Full Power with our Full-Spectrum CBD products - a leap in alkaline, plant-based wellness. You might be surprised how much hemp could heal your body, and heighten your mood, keeping you calm and relaxed throughout the day.