Increasing alkalinity with CBD (March 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Increasing alkalinity with CBD (March 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Each of your thirty-trillion cells performs one-billion chemical reactions every second. Acid-base balance impacts reaction efficiency; even a minor imbalance has a colossal impact.

Learn how to fine-tune your biochemistry using CBD and maximize your alkaline energy!

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Hemp products support your body, and mind, with naturally grown full-spectrum hemp CBD.

Bio-electrical Balance

Plants use chlorophyll (light-sensitive green-pigment) to harvest energy from the sun. This energy is released when we eat, and digest, plants, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Multiple metabolic steps slowly dismantle food into nutrients, matter (like fiber), and energy.

Each of the daily cellular reactions needs a precise acid-base balance. Acidic substances ‘take’ electrons (particles which ‘carry’ electricity) while alkali substances ‘give’ electrons. If the ‘seesaw’ of acid-base balance is out, there won’t be enough electrons to make a flow (current) of electricity.

Acids ‘take’ too much from the electrochemistry of the body. The body protects itself from a potential power-outage by taking what it needs from stores of alkaline substances, like the bones and teeth. Acid-base balance is so critical that the body sacrifices bone-density to restore it.
“Food that we eat is the very substance that causes the whole hormonal structure of the body to go haywire because it’s on acid-base.” – Dr. Sebi.

Encouraging Alkalinity

You can enhance alkalinity even more by reducing the formation of acid inside your body:

  • Nutrition: is the most significant contributor to acid-base balance. Natural foods require less stomach acid to digest, provide nutritional elements, and alkalinizing substances enhancing bio-electrical energy production. Anti-inflammatory approved foods and raw hemp reduce inflammation and deliver anti-oxidants to support alkalinity.
  • Mind: negative thoughts like rage, anger, hatred, shame, judgment, and fear impact blood pH and directly increase acidity. Unresolved emotional trauma collects in fat as an acidic toxin. Calm any anxious thoughts with CBD which helps you feel more relaxed and happy.
  • Immune: inflammatory processes produce acids, and acids produce inflammation. This vicious circle creates immune over-stimulation. Calm the immune system, enhance cellular rejuvenation and reduce the stressors switching on fear with CBD.
  • Sleep: when you sleep, the body and brain are cleaned, removing acid-forming toxins and reducing inflammation. Improving the quality and duration of sleep ensures you’re cleaned down thoroughly overnight. Increase your ability to let go and unwind for cleansing sleep with CBD.

Herbal Advantage

Fortunately, by using herbs like hemp we can adjust biological, and mental, responses to reduce stress, which directly increases alkalinity. The new range of herbal CBD products provides a unique opportunity to nourish the four pillars that support alkalinity: nutrition, sleep, mind, and the immune system.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food uses the finest, seeded, hemp, grown outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, and dried naturally. Your body was never designed to experience so much stress. You can turn down stress, restore sleep, reduce cravings, and calm inflammation with pure hemp CBD.