How Hemp Helps Your Whole Body (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

How Hemp Helps Your Whole Body (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Hemp delivers an herbal treasure-trove of effects. Mother Nature’s miracle herb boosts your mood and enhances your immune system to revitalize physical and emotional health. Find out how!


Hemp is a complex herb; each species has a unique spectrum of phytochemicals (flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including CBD). This creates a huge variation in smell, color, and effects on the body. Whole-plant preparations have an enhanced effect, compared to extracts alone, as phytochemicals ‘collaborate’ to modulate and multiply their impact (‘entourage effect’).

Species selection, environmental conditions, processing, and storage also impact the ratios of healthful phytochemicals found in hemp-based products. Many species are genetically modified, and grown in low-quality soils, or hydroponically with chemicals, using artificial light. The lack of sun and nutrients, plus chemicals, contaminate the end product, reducing results and making it toxic.

Quality is critical, which is why Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food uses non-GMO naturally grown hemp, and minimal processing, to preserve the healing potential of this ancient herb.

Major Effects

The CBD from hemp works throughout the body – creating significant physical, neurological, and emotional changes.

  • Mood and Stress: Changes how brain cells respond to the mood-stabilizing neurotransmitter serotonin. Feelings of wellbeing and happiness are increased due to enhanced serotonin receptivity and better brain-nerve cell communication.
  • Anxiety and Interaction: Recalibrates threat-perception to reduce the prolonged sense of ‘danger’ associated with trauma. Reduces anxiety, rumination, worry, and dread, by re-balancing neurochemistry and physiology. Subdues social anxiety, and increases the natural desire to interact, speak publicly, and feel relaxed around others.
  • Brain and Memory: Encourages nerve and brain-cell growth, protecting the brain and reducing symptoms of neurodegeneration. Reduced brain inflammation protects against stroke, helps the brain recover from injury, and reduces mental fog and fatigue. Reduces age-related cognitive impairment, improves learning, and aids memory.
  • Pain and Analgesia: Reduces intensity, duration, and perception of pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, and nerve pain. Anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, that reduces swelling and down-regulates the inflammatory pain response.
  • Inflammation and Immunity: Reduces inflammation in the heart and endocrine glands (e.g. pancreas) lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Reduces oxidative stress, lowers blood pressure and reduces the impact of auto-immune conditions like arthritis. Raw hemp has additional anti-inflammatory power due to a special cannabinoid it contains.
  • Skin and Gut: Used to resolve acne, by reducing sebum production, and treating conditions like psoriasis. Digestion and gut bacterial balance are also enhanced, improving nutritional absorption and reducing nausea or sickness.
  • Sleep and Insomnia: Aids relaxation and supports deep restorative sleep. Helps the body and brain wind-down by softening muscles and slowing brain waves. Better sleep has a massive impact on immune functions, making hemp a master healer!
  • Cell Growth and Division: Reduces genetic abnormalities that make cells divide without stopping (known as cancer). Activates multiple genes, and immune processes, that remove, and repair damaged cells before they become dangerous.
  • Emotions and Addiction: Enhances emotional regulation, aids addiction recovery (nicotine, alcohol, heroin, opiates) by reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and helping the brain ‘forget’ the addiction. Reduces sensitivity to reward-seeking drugs (e.g. sugar), and behaviors (e.g social-media).

Dr. Sebi’s Hemp and CBD

By combining raw whole-plant hemp flowers, and leaves, with hemp seed oil, and CBD, the potency and entourage effect is enhanced significantly. Experience the huge range of hemp benefits with a trusted natural source of CBD:

  • Want to boost your mood instantly, and reduce anxiety, using CBD drops, with a variable dose. Just starting out? Try our 1k Drops. Need a stronger dose? Try the 2k Drops.
  • Need to relieve pain and discomfort? Try using easy to swallow, high-dose CBD soft-gels. It’s a slow-release but oh so effective.
  • Reduce stress, boost the immune system, and aid restful sleep with CBD capsules. What better way to start enjoying the benefits, than with pure raw hemp.

To modulate your mood, while uplifting your biochemistry, trust Mother Nature’s master herb hemp. Hemp helps regulate your physiology to reduce inflammation, stop stress, prevent pain and get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Full-Spectrum products bring you the most natural and pure Hemp, to create an optimum experience you’re sure to love. How will you enjoy the herbal help hemp offers?