The A to Z of self-care (August 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

The A to Z of self-care (August 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Self-care is the antidote to stress.

Reduce the anxiety and overwhelm of daily life with nurturing activities that help you stay in balance.

Dr. Sebi’s Full-Spectrum CBD calms the body and stabilizes the mind. Eliminate excess worry, reduce stress, and relax more easily with herbal hemp-CBD.

There is a Limit!

We have been experiencing some incredibly stressful times. Global issues have created epidemics of anxiety, depression, and burnout. Self-care is critical to building personal resilience, so you can deflect stress, recover after intense emotions, and release pressure before it builds up.

Stress uses up energy and shuts down healing. Conversely, CBD calms the body, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system - freeing up energy for healing. Nurturing your needs creates an energy 'reservoir' you can use later. Self-care provides the foundations for health, ensuring you’re fully energized in all domains of life.

What is Self-care?

Any activity you find nourishing enhances health and happiness. Prioritizing wellbeing and managing issues as they arise boosts your immune system and your self-esteem. Looking after yourself is not self-indulgent or selfish - it’s critical.

Temporary self-care provides a quick fix when you need an emotional or energetic boost, like talking to a friend. Enduring self-care includes positive daily habits and behaviors that have a long-term beneficial impact. Self-care practices can be calming, exciting, intellectual, social, spiritual, practical, creative, entertaining, or simply doing little things you enjoy.

“The one thing you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you. Once you love you, you love the whole world."- Dr. Sebi.

Self-Nurturing from A to Z

Here is an alphabet of ideas for your self-care:

Art: Creativity uses higher brain regions, which naturally reduce stress.

Boundaries: Set clear limits for how you share your energy, learn to say no.

Connect: Meet up with your friends and family to give and receive support.

Declutter: Cleaning your space refreshes the energy and moves stagnation.

Express: Share your experiences and how you feel; don't bottle up emotions.

Forgive: Let go of past grievances and judgments; forgive yourself and others.

Gratitude: Appreciating what you have enhances how your own life feels.

Hydrate: Water is critical for life; spring water enhances your bio-electricity.

Invest: Dedicate the time and resources you need to support your health.

Journal: Writing down experiences and emotions increases self-awareness.

Kindness: Talk to yourself with loving words and be your own best friend.

Learn: Continue to educate yourself about health and natural wellness.

Mindful: Act with conscious awareness to make decisions supporting health.

Nutrition: Nourish yourself with alkaline ingredients on the Nutritional Guide.

Oxygen: Breathe deep to fill your lungs with fresh air and energize your cells.

Play: Have fun and move around like a child to rejuvenate body and mind.

Quit: Turn off notifications and escape the digital world for half an hour.

Routine: Schedule sufficient sleep to ensure your body heals itself overnight.

Slow: Calm the pace of life; reduce the speed of your thoughts and actions.

Treat: Pamper yourself with gifts, flowers, massages, and time in nature.

Understanding: Accept yourself entirely with love and compassion.

Value: Spend time spent alone and learn to love your own company.

Worthy: Know that your needs are essential, prioritize meeting them.

X-factor: Work out the unique activities that would enhance your life.

You: Remove stressors and negative people who drag energy down.

Zen: Find ways to be calm, relaxed, and peaceful, like hemp-CBD.

Starting to Self-Care

Select one or two self-care activities to experiment with. Choose activities that replenish your energy and restore emotional balance, or enhance existing activities. For example: add luxury to your hygiene routine by bathing with rose petals; put on your favorite tunes and sing in the shower; skip breakfast news, and listen to comedy instead.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind and body, helping self-care come more naturally. Stress stops us from thinking clearly, so self-care is forgotten. Stop the stress with CBD so you can think more clearly and look after yourself more effectively. Self-care is self-love in action. Hemp-derived CBD can help you focus on healing and let go of the days.

Supporting Self-Care

As we continue to honor Dr. Sebi’s legacy, we’re excitedly getting ready for the launch of our latest CBD product. Combining the relaxing and sweet-smelling chamomile flower, with the soothing effects of hemp, we deliver the next level of relaxation and self-care. Get ready to experience a new level of phytocannabinoids and flavonoids that create a stress-free atmosphere. Stay tuned for further details.

Discover how good it feels to be on a self-loving wellness journey. Self-care is health-care; take care of yourself and yourself will take care of you!