Discerning Fact or Fiction (December 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Discerning Fact or Fiction (December 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Still wondering if CBD is right for you? Discover what customers are saying about their Dr. Sebi CBD experience and decide if it could support you. Are your fears based on fact or fiction?

In the unregulated CBD industry, low quality products (including products that don’t even contain any CBD!) are common. We’re proud to say that Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food’s Full Spectrum Hemp-CBD products are of the highest quality - reflected in our customer’s life-changing CBD testimonies.

CBD Hesitancy

We understand that the decades of propaganda vilifying the Hemp plant makes people naturally cautious about its use. Below are some solutions to common concerns intended to help you navigate hemp-facts from hemp-fiction:

1. Legality
CBD can be extracted from different sub-species of the same plant (hemp or marijuana, which are both types of cannabis). While both plants look the same, from a legal standpoint they are not. The striking difference is the amount of THC (the compound that gets people high).

Marijuana contains large amounts of THC, so is considered a mind-altering drug, which is why it’s illegal throughout many parts of the world. Hemp contains almost no THC, AND is considered an agricultural commodity, and is legal throughout the US.

We only use hemp plants to make our premium CBD, and our products align to the 2018 Farm Bill’s guidelines of: containing less than 0.3% THC; adhering to state-federal regulations, and being grown by a licensed grower.

2. Worried About Getting High
Hemp cannot get you high, and we only use hemp. No matter how much hemp you consume it simply cannot get you high. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill the extracted CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC, so there’s no risk of getting “high”. This has been verified by a third party laboratory-approved Certificate of Analysis (COA).

CBD will make you feel relaxed, calm, focused, and when taken at night, sleepy. It will not make you feel high, or alter your consciousness.

3. Drug Testing
Some employers require drug testing. To pass a urine based drug test you must have less than 50ng/mL of THC. When consuming CBD with less than 0.3% THC (like Dr. Sebi’s Full Spectrum Hemp Products) you would need to consume more than 2,000mg of pure CBD, which is nearly triple the maximum dose used in clinical trials,

One drop of our high strength Full Spectrum Hemp – Extract Drops - 2k contains about 5 mg of CBD, so you’d need to take 400 drops (the equivalent of consuming two entire 10mL bottles of our strongest CBD extract in one sitting) to risk failing a test.

4. Worried About Addiction
Current research shows us that CBD is non-addictive. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there is no evidence to suggest CBD is addictive. They also state that “there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD."

While CBD does influence the brain, it doesn’t stimulate the reward pathways that drive addiction. Continued use actually enhances the effects as your body utilizes the nutrition and accepts the biological fine-tuning that overrides excess stress.

5. Conflicted about Type
There are a lot of new CBD formulations coming onto the market, some work better than others. We developed different CBD formulations to suit different needs. Which type might be right for you?

If you’d prefer to take CBD in the comfort of your home, CBD oil will serve you well, for example adding a few drops to your morning tea or coffee. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to take CBD when you’re on the go, soft gels (in capsules) are a discreet and ideal option, ready to pop into your mouth at any point with no mess.

6. Unsure How to Take it
There are so many ways to enjoy CBD, here are a few ideas to get you started. Pour CBD oil into your smoothies, add to salad dressings, desserts and pretty much any dish you like. Take soft gels and capsules with water when you need them.

7. Insufficient Research
There has been extensive practical use of the healing herb hemp, and its extracted CBD. Open minded physicians have been using it for decades and herbalists have been using it for centuries.

But, there is a lack of the gold-standard ‘double blind clinical trials’. This is because these kinds of research trials cost millions, if not billions, and only the pharmaceutical industry can afford them! Additionally, the design of these trials doesn’t demonstrate the remarkable way CBD and Hemp work differently in each individual, adapting and synergizing with the body, creating a cumulative effect.

Some trials are underway, on humans and sadly animals too, but they are being conducted by the pharmaceutical giants who are engineering pesticide riddled genetically modified versions. Yuck! Fortunately, we can look to the feedback and results of millions of people who swear by CBD to resolve a multitude of problems.

Customer Feedback

The heartwarming, and dramatic, feedback from members of our alkaline family about the new range of organic Hemp-CBD is testimony to the quality of the product that Dr. Sebi inspired.


“I have arthritis and recently had a hip replacement. I have a very sensitive stomach and have not been able to take any type of anti-inflammatories or pain medications, but this product is wonderful, it doesn't irritate my stomach and it relieves my pain. I will purchase more of this product.” - Jacque​

Inflammation can be found wherever there is disease; CBD fights against inflammation in the body and helps alleviate pain. Arthritis is a disease that generates billions of dollars every year for the pharmaceutical industry. ​


“For a long time I was in pain, I hurt myself at work and could not recover from the pain. The first day taken showed immediate results, was able to overcome the pain easily. If you don’t have this in your medical kit you’re lost, I won. May Doctor Sebi soul Rise in Honor.” - Standrick Lloyd

CBD provides quick relief and works as a muscle relaxant and natural pain killer. Our body’s endocannabinoid system was designed to appreciate the benefits of cannabinoids like CBD.


“The moment I took it, kicked in in 15-20­min. Makes you feel very relaxed from the mind to the body to the blood. Made me more aware of my surroundings and I could feel my blood flow. It definitely activates a meditative state. Taking this makes me love myself more and helps me practice positive self talk/care. Made me feel happier and confident about myself.” - Vanessa

CBD improves sleep quality, calms the mind, and boosts feeling of wellbeing, creating a relaxing internal atmosphere that’s more enjoyable to live in.​


“My daughter has a full spinal fusion, as a result suffers from extreme spasms in her back. She took one dose, and went from crying and not being able to walk to no pain and being able to rest. The best natural pain reliever I've ever encountered­!!! Highly recommended!!!!” - Kimberly Pierce

Healing takes time, but CBD has plenty to offer on the road to recovery. Its natural ability to relieve pain, relax muscle spasms and reduce inflammation is unmatched.​


“Incredible! I combine this with Viento and Banju and it prov­ides peaceful, acute, focused energy. No pain and not the sleepiness associated with indicas. Taking enough did give me very restful sleep though. But that is good.” - Nelson

CBD is an uplifting addition to your daily routine. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional needs are essential for your overall wellness, and CBD is one of the best natural, plant-based ways to do this.

Past, Present and Future

Don’t let the hemp hit men (you can guess who!) put you off this amazing herb. Trust your gut intuition to decide if hemp could accelerate your healing - encouraging a state of internal and mental calmness that helps you rest, recover and rejuvenate while reducing internal inflammation.

P.S. We’ve got a surprise we’re excited to share, stay tuned for an incredible hemp-based announcement arriving in your inbox very soon!