Supporting Male Health (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Supporting Male Health (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

The gap between male and female longevity is getting bigger. One hundred years ago women lived on average 2-years longer than men, now it’s 5-years.

We uncover the biology, behaviors, and toxicity putting men at risk.

Dr. Sebi’s Testo restores male potency by rejuvenating the prostate and replenishing testosterone to regain strength, stamina, and sexual function. Dr. Sebi’s CBD supports heart health while relaxing the body and mind; improving sexual esteem and reducing anxiety.

The Longevity Gap

Over the last century, the human lifespan increased by 30-years (from 47-years old in 1900 to 77-years old in 2017). Both sexes are living longer, but women’s health is improving faster. Men die younger and are more susceptible to chronic diseases—for every male centenarian (over 100-years old) there are four women.

The male sex hormone, testosterone, directs anatomical, and behavioral, differences between men and women. For example, men typically run faster, lift heavier weights, and throw further because their muscle fibers are larger, with greater maximum power output. Conversely, female muscle is more resistant to fatigue and recovers quicker after activity.

Hormonal Havoc

In just two generations sperm counts have dropped by 59%. Decades of toxicity are also causing an alarming rise in male-genital birth abnormalities and prostate cancers. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) act like female hormones and damage male hormonal glands.

“...because all diseases stem from the accumulation of mucus, whether it’s in the bronchial tubes that give you asthma or on the brain that makes you insane.” - Dr. Sebi

Low testosterone occurs in 40% of men over 40, and many more have hormonal disruptions:

  • Gynecomastia: Hormonally induced breast tissue (ten-fold increase in 20-years).
  • Impotence: Erectile dysfunction (20% of men age 17-40, 33% of men over 40).
  • Fertility: Reduced sperm production (half of all males predicted to be infertile by 2045).
  • Libido: Lack of sexual desire (humanity has 15% less sex per year than 20-years ago).
  • Mood: Prone to angry outbursts, hostility, anxiety, irritability, and low-stress tolerance.
  • Strength: Reduced muscle mass and lower bone mass, less energy, and reduced stamina.

What Makes Men Different?

Behavioral differences, social norms, toxicity, and nutrition, are the main reasons men and women have different health outcomes:

  • Risky Behavior: From adolescence onwards, men are more likely to take part in dangerous activities.
  • Substance Abuse: Self-destructive habits, like smoking, alcohol, and drugs are more common in men.
  • Support: Men are less likely to have social networks to support psychological and emotional needs.
  • Aggression: Men are more likely to encounter, and take part in violent behavior.
  • Self-Harm: Men experience more self-harming thoughts, and are twice as likely to act on them.
  • Stress: Work-related pressure, and social isolation, reduce rejuvenation and create inflammation.
  • Exercise: The majority of men are simply not getting sufficient movement to maintain wellness.
  • Care: Women take action to protect long-term health—looking after themselves and each other.
  • Diet: Men consider nutrition less, yet eat more—increasing toxin exposure from processed foods.

Studies repeatedly show a reduction in violence, increase in esteem, and elevated empathy when men are better nourished.

“I, without knowing, neglected my body and find myself in a mental health institution. But as you know, that when you are sick mentally or emotionally you are totally unaware as to your behavior.” - Dr. Sebi

By understanding risk factors men can prevent issues more likely to impact their health:

  • Heart: Disease typically occurs much earlier in men (high OR low levels of testosterone increase risk).
  • Liver: Poor cholesterol recycling (elevates LDL in the blood) aggravated by smoking, alcohol, and sugar.
  • Prostate: Inflammatory enlargement (called hyperplasia) disrupts testosterone, can lead to cancer.
  • Brain: Men are twice as likely to get Parkinson’s disease (tremors, impaired movement).

Supporting Men’s Health

Heart disease remains the leading cause of male premature death; CBD reduces the risk.

Hemp-CBD is naturally cardio-protective; reducing blood vessel inflammation, and lowering blood pressure. Hemp-seed oil delivers additional targeted nutrition for the cardiovascular system.

Full-Spectrum CBD boosts serotonin production, helping men feel calmer, and encourages social behavior. CBD improves sleep quality, reduces stress, and improves immune function. CBD breaks the cycle of stress and impotence, improving erection, ejaculation, and blood flow to the penis. CBD boosts stamina, increases energy, and relieves pain, making exercise easier.

Fatherhood and Fertility

Dr. Sebi created a unique male formula that protects the prostate and testes, encouraging healthy sperm production. Dr. Sebi’s Testo is a full-power male-enhancer that restores masculine strength and energy. Testo enhances fertility, and libido, to spice up your sex life and put a spring back in men’s step. In many parts of the world, the third Sunday in June celebrates Fatherhood. This Sunday celebrate the men in your life, nourish their hearts with love, and support them to be strong - the future fertility of humanity is relying on them!