Move your mind with CBD (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Move your mind with CBD (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Getting the mind to calm down, be still, and meditate is difficult. We have come to rely on tv or our phones to “unwind,” but we may be doing the complete opposite of what is needed. For those days that just seem too busy or hectic, try to be still and meditate.

It may seem difficult or even impossible at first, but it’s a great tool to create a healthy mind and even boost your overall health.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has herbal-help at hand. Hemp’s relaxing and calming qualities make it an ideal meditation aid, supporting you to get focused, mindful and clear.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food’s Full-Spectrum CBD products come from the finest hemp flowers and leaves, grown naturally. Potent phytonutrients synergize in a powerful range of healing-hemp products to help the mind and body unwind.

Stress and Meditation

Effective meditation requires a calm focus that’s impossible to access when feeling fearful. You can't 'force' the mind into a higher state of awareness while experiencing overwhelming sensations of nervousness or anxiety in the body.

Many people write-off meditation or consider themselves a failure, when unable to access the relaxed mental state that’s required. Meditation can improve sleep, which can enhance your mood, the way you deal with your day to day problems, and help create an overall peaceful environment.

Overcoming Obstacles

Finding a pragmatic way to focus the mind is critical for mental mastery. But, the fears, concerns, and stresses of modern life are at an epidemic level right now, and that can’t be ignored. Accepting where you are, is the first significant step on the journey.

Anchoring meditation practices around self-love facilitates the inner-peace needed to relax the mind. Hemp has a history of making meditation easier; promoting awareness and focus while keeping thoughts in the moment (and not dwelling on past incidents or future concerns).

Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) has a focusing, relaxing, and mood-boosting effect. The sense of calm that CBD produces helps people overcome anxiety so they can sit calmly, and focus, on inner sensations. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Full-Spectrum CBD is packed with powerful hemp CBD extract, proven to help you relax.

Steps to Success

  • Start small with just a few minutes, and focus on the enjoying journey, not the results.
  • Calm and focus the mind with Hemp-based CBD anchoring awareness in the present.
  • Find an environment that meets your needs for comfort, temperature, and noise.
  • Turn off distractions, devices and take a time-out from people and problems.
  • Consider it a special time dedicated to your own self-care and growth.
  • Focus on mini-successes, and congratulate all meditation attempts.

Simple Self-Compassion Meditation

  1. Sit or lie COMFORTABLY (eyes closed, covered, or slightly open).
  2. RECOGNIZE how you feel right now (e.g. "I feel anxious and upset").
  3. Pay ATTENTION to your words, repeating them quietly three times.
  4. Just BREATHE. FEEL the air coming in, and out. Oxygenate your brain and cells.
  5. NOTICE the quality of each breath (temperature, pressure, pace).
  6. FEEL the breath moving through your body, NOTICE it flow in and out.
  7. ACKNOWLEDGE your self-care (e.g. "I am upset, I am caring for myself").
  8. FOCUS on your heart, and FEEL the care you're giving yourself.
  9. ENCOURAGE yourself (e.g. "This is difficult, but you are doing really well").
  10. Give PERMISSION to feel, however you feel (e.g "It's ok to feel this way").
  11. Keep breathing and NOTICE sensations with CURIOSITY, not judgment.
  12. Feel COMPASSION for whatever arises, WELCOME, and simply NOTICE.
  13. CONTINUE for as long as you want, stop when you are ready.
  14. COMPLETE with self-loving PRAISE (e.g “I did my practice well today!)

Mental Self-Care

Compassion frees the mind from the need to ‘get it right’. With practice, meditation can control anxiety, and improve emotional health. Remember that this is your personal journey, you can go at your pace and based on your needs. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Full-Spectrum CBD can assist your progress by facilitating a mentally receptive and relaxed state of mind.

Self-awareness and attention span are increased, while addictions reduce when you spend time meditating on being kind, gentle, and loving to yourself. Noticing, allowing, and encouraging the sensations, emotions, and feelings in your body steers your mind towards growth. Let hemp help you get into the zone, switch down a gear and find the calm to meditate.