What's Your State of Mind? (July 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What's Your State of Mind? (July 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Stress destroys mental clarity. Stress hormones redirect blood in the brain; preventing oxygen and energy from reaching the rational and intelligent ‘neo-cortex.’

Learn how to identify your brain state, and redirect it back to joy.

Neurological inflammation, and mental malnutrition, are soothed and solved with Dr. Sebi’s CBD. Switch your brain from stress to clarity and allow CBD to guide you into a healthier and happier state of mind.

States of Stress

Your brain has been collecting data since before you were born. Every experience is captured in a subconscious database of emotionally encoded memories.

  • Negative experiences (feeling anger, sadness, fear, embarrassment, guilt, or shame) are remembered with immense neurological significance.
  • Positive experiences (feeling gratitude, joy, happiness, connection, or pride) are recorded with minimal emphasis.
  • Stress is driven by this negative emotional bias (the brain prioritizes ‘staying alive’ above everything else) distorting how we view reality.

Stress hormones (mainly cortisol) ‘switch’ us into survival mode. But, many things that cause stress (inflammation, dehydration, arguments, loneliness, and uncertainty) are not immediate threats—making ‘survival’ mode inappropriate. The ability to analyze, strategize and creatively solve problems is only active when the brain is relaxed and well-nourished.

Who is in Charge?

Have you ever noticed that feelings can change quickly and dramatically? One moment ‘all is well, life is good’ then a minor incident triggers feelings of pessimism and despair. This variable perspective is like having multiple personalities, depending on the level of stress in the brain.

  • When calm, the neocortex (front-brain) is in charge. We think critically, appraise problems pragmatically, and resolve issues.
  • When mildly stressed the limbic (midbrain) takes charge and perception is guided by feelings. Feeling anxious makes life seem worse than it is.
  • When very stressed or scared, the R-complex (hind-brain) is put in charge. We react to problems like animals with aggression (fight), avoidance (flight), and ‘playing dead’ (e.g. procrastination, freeze response).

Thoughts & Feelings

By recognizing your own state of mind (representing regions of the brain receiving oxygen and nutrition), you can start to take back control. The ideal state is an emotional and intellectual balance (between calm and mildly stressed); engaging both the thinking and feeling brain regions.

How to spot your state:

  • Elated: Creative thoughts, close connections, joyous emotions, optimal habits.
  • Balanced: Rational thoughts, good mood, seeking companions, healthy behaviors.
  • Concerned: Inflexible thoughts, mixed mood, slightly social, some healthy behaviors.
  • Stressed: Reactive thoughts, irritable or manic, needy or aloof, unhealthy behaviors.
  • Frazzled: Overwhelmed, confused, irrational thoughts, lost or obsessed, destructive behaviors.

Can you relate to these different states? Sometimes they only last for a moment, in which we make poor choices (eat toxic foods, make irrational decisions, say things we don’t mean). Sometimes the state lasts for days, or much longer. The state tends to ‘stick,’ so it takes effort to change and create a new less-stressed set point.

Soothing Stress

We often use unhealthy habits to artificially soothe stress such as consuming addictive food and reckless shopping. But, there is another way to soothe and release stress:

  • Breathe: Take three deep breaths to re-oxygenate the brain.
  • Relax: Telling your body to ‘relax’ sends new signals to the brain.
  • Observe: Watch your thoughts and ask yourself ‘what state am I in?’
  • Enquire: Ask yourself questions about what’s going on right now.
  • Acknowledge: It's ok to feel what you are feeling (numb is a feeling too).
  • Release: Can you let it go? Can you move on? Can you smile? What do you need?
  • Comfort: Find healthy ways to support yourself that nurture your body and mind.
  • Repeat: The more you choose to check-in and self-soothe the easier it gets!

Comfort From CBD

Dr. Sebi’s CBD offers a profound state of mental relaxation that allows you to more easily navigate between mental states. CBD can be used to down-regulate perpetual states of stress and allow you to create a new emotional set point. CBD switches off stress hormones and activates the endocannabinoid system, promoting relaxation combined with mental clarity. Create mental comfort and a more positive mentality with Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Full Spectrum Organic Hemp-derived CBD.

Stress helped our ancestors live longer, but we need to switch it up a gear to ‘thrive’ and not just stay alive. Stress is one of the biggest killers as it silently degrades our ability to rejuvenate. Stress wears the body out before its time and pushes the mind into a downward spiral.

Turn off stress, move your mental state, and rediscover the joy of healthy and happy neurology. How could you soothe stress and be extra lovely to yourself today?