Treat yourself without the guilt (December 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Treat yourself without the guilt (December 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Are you worried about overindulging? As the festive season approaches, we want to ensure you have the herbal tools and practical wisdom to navigate this tempting time.

“Welcome to the new perspective of healing. New I said. But in reality it is as old as creation”. – Dr. Sebi.

Break away from old patterns and perspectives holding you back, and learn to enjoy guilt-free indulgence. Do you know how to treat yourself?

What is a Treat?

The word ‘treat’ has three very different meanings:

  1. Action – How people behave, or deal with situations: e.g. “I was well treated.”
  2. Attention – Healing with a remedy or method: e.g. “I am treating my wound with salve.”
  3. Appreciation – Taking rare pleasure in something: e.g. “I treated myself to some new herbs.”

Combining these meanings gives us a healthy holistic perspective. The best ‘treats’ fulfill all of these definitions: a positive behavior, supporting self-healing, and a loving gift. The Treat Yourself Package combines carefully selected products that truly treat your body, mind and lifestyle. So, get ready for guilt-free indulgence!

Positive Psychology

There is no doubt that non-natural foods create inflammation - Dr. Sebi taught us this. He also taught us the power of the mind to influence mood and inflammation. Negative thoughts are inflammatory; they create neurological stress and waste mental energy. Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions.

Guilt associated with eating ‘forbidden foods’ is especially destructive. Researchers took two groups of healthy people and gave them both cakes. The first group was told to enjoy every bite, to savor and appreciate the indulgence, and to enjoy it. The second group was made to feel guilty; they were chastised about indulging, and told they should not be eating the forbidden food (chocolate cake).

Even though the two groups indulged in the same sugar-filled cakes, one group had much more inflammation in their brains. Can you guess which? The guilty group had to deal with the physical impact of the food, plus the catastrophic psychological impact of guilt.

Eat Cake to Lose Weight?

In a 3 month weight-loss study, participants who occasionally appreciated indulging in cake lost significantly more weight than those who ate the same cake and felt bad about it!

Sadly, many of us rely on guilt to motivate behavior change, without realizing the damage it can do. Guilt makes us feel helpless and out of control, and contrary to diet-industry brainwashing, feeling guilty makes healthy choices more difficult.

The impact of emotions is ignored by mainstream medicine. Instead, disease is blamed on bad luck (the genetic lottery) or a physical defect (you’re ‘broken’). Dr. Sebi taught us otherwise! Toxicity (creating acids and mucus), inflammation, missing nutrients, and a lack of bio-electric energy create disease.

Positive emotions like love, gratitude, and appreciation electrify the heart – literally filling us up on the inside. Meanwhile, loneliness has the same negative health impact as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. So, with epidemics of depression, anxiety and a lack of human connection, it’s no wonder people are so sick.

Recovery & Resilience

Times of celebration, and connecting with people on a different nutritional path, are notoriously difficult for our alkaline family. Many feel torn between wanting to be ‘normal’ (eating toxic foods) and healthier lifestyles. Unfortunately, this conflict between wanting to fit in, enjoying ‘forbidden’ foods and making healthy choices creates guilt.

Associating eating with guilt destroys our digestion. Yet more ‘cake studies’ confirmed that the negative impact of guilty eating is much worse when we’re stressed. Stress combined with guilt and food reduces your ability to regulate your mood and moderate your behavior – feeling bad about what you ate yesterday stops you from making healthy choices today. Ouch!

Your attitude towards your own actions is the critical piece of the puzzle. Feeling confident that you can indulge (but not overindulge) and recover quickly is emotionally safer, and easier. The ability to make mindful choices, not guilt-ridden binges, will empower you with the physical and mental resilience to keep going.

Only you can decide the personal boundaries that suit your needs. It’s possible to have fun with friends and family, connect over delicious dishes, and remain in control. Choose to celebrate, but moderate, and plan your recovery route.

“Why do we get sick? The body wasn’t designed to get sick!” – Dr. Sebi.

Treat Yourself Well

To enjoy this year’s festivities guilt-free, make sure you have a plan in place!

Decide in advance:

  • How you will act
  • What attention you give your body
  • How you will appreciate yourself
  • The boundaries you will stick to
  • A plan to get right back on track!

No guilt is needed, it simply doesn’t help. Be pragmatic. Be practical. Be fully present in your decisions. Balance is the key.

To support you during this fun and festive season, we have created a unique set of herbal formulations to restore, replenish, rejuvenate and renew. After another super-stressful year, we wanted to treat our customers to the most potent and practical package possible.

The Treat Yourself Package supports mindful decision making, while reducing festive season inflammation. End this year with an explosion of extra energy by cleansing away the contaminants bringing you down. Treat Yourself to a clean break and recover quickly from the festivities with five potent products.

  • Chelation 2 is the ultimate detoxifier; removing pollutants and pathogens while replenishing mineral stores. By clearing away mucus more oxygen can penetrate your cells, supporting your immune system to heal more effectively and protect you from toxicity.
  • Lupulo is exclusively available in our Advanced and All-Inclusive packages, we have made it available as an extra treat. It diminishes anxiety and calms the nerves. You can think more clearly, and make better long term decisions, when your brain is relaxed and your nerves are soothed. Steer clear of destructive actions by staying on top of negative emotions. Boost your digestion so you can quickly eliminate what doesn’t serve you.
  • Bromide Powder will ensure you are nutritionally satisfied. With concentrated bromides, iodides and antioxidant pigments that treat your immune system to a banquet of minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Green Food Plus purifies the blood and nourishes the liver, treating you to more detoxifying power when you need it most. Enhance your ability to process and expel toxins while revitalizing your immune system.
  • CBD Capsules clean and nourish the body while calming inflammation and aiding restorative sleep. Dr. Sebi’s CBD line makes a debut in this one of a kind package that allows you to treat yourself to one of Mother Nature’s Master Healers. Full-spectrum Hemp ensures your body and mind can adapt to challenging circumstances, while reducing the risk of emotional self-sabotage.

The combination of healing herbs has been proven to help the body recover and rebalance, so you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying yourself with guilt free appropriate-indulgence.

Enjoy Yourself!

Connecting with loved ones, sharing laughter, and appreciating the simple pleasures in life is immensely healing. Don’t let guilt get in the way!

Make conscious and mindful choices about how you will treat yourself, how you will indulge, where you will set boundaries, and, most importantly, how you’ll recover.

Let nature help you stay in control, and in balance, so you can kick-start 2022 with passion and purpose. How will you treat yourself?