Harmonize your heart (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Harmonize your heart (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood per day and produces a rhythmic electromagnetic field detectible up to 3 feet away. Individual beats combine into resonant rhythms that influence emotions, inflammation, and longevity.

Harness your heartbeat to reduce biological age, and elevate your emotions.

Master the rhythm of 100,000 beats per day with Dr. Sebi’s heart-healthy hemp-CBD. Organic Full-Spectrum CBD nourishes your heart and enhances cardiovascular control, reducing the risk of cardiovascular symptoms.

Electromagnetic Beats

The heart is a powerful generator, producing electric and magnetic fields 100 times bigger than the brain. Studies with sensitive magnetometers indicate that emotions are sensed, and shared, electromagnetically.

The heart's electromagnetic fields impact every cell. Fields are regulated by emotions transmitted within the heart’s electrical ‘signature'. Cells are bathed in an electromagnetic environment, driven by your heart, and influenced by the electromagnetic energies of other people and the environment.

“One ingredient that is so missing for this journey to be understood and accepted is LOVE, but it is not the word itself. It is that electrical communication between you and the other person.” – Dr. Sebi.

Resonance & Oscillation

Each heartbeat produces waves of pressure, electricity, and cardiac hormones. These waves interact, producing high and low-frequency rhythms (above and below the regular beat). These ‘musical undertones’ transmit information about our emotional state.

Erratic ‘undertones’ impact our ability to understand how we feel. For example, a fast heart rate could mean excitement (a positive emotion) or anxiety (a less desirable emotion). These subtle rhythms (called Heart Rate Variance) inform our emotional state and are distorted by inflammation.

Heart Health & Emotions

Variation in the gap between heartbeats is an excellent indicator of heart health. The nervous system regulates heart rate, making it beat faster when needed. A healthy heart, and ‘well-informed’ nervous system, can easily respond to changes and has a high Heart Rate Variance (HRV) – meaning the heart is more adaptable and resilient.

  • High HRV: Body is more resistant to stress, in better health, and biologically younger.
  • Low HRV: Body is less able to cope, inflamed, and predicts future cardiac problems.

In addition to highlighting heart health, HRV is influenced by our emotional state:

  • Appreciation and positive emotions increase HRV.
  • Anger and negative emotions dramatically reduce HRV.

The interactions between inflammation, heart rate, emotions, and electricity make the mind and body ‘overlap’. So, even if life is ‘good’, internal stress (inflammation, toxicity, or non-natural foods) will reduce HRV - impacting how we interpret feelings.

Inflammation & Vitality

Low HRV indicates internal inflammation. The nervous system tries to predict energy requirements for the next few minutes - so it can adjust breathing, blood flow, etc. Inflammation sends a signal that the body is ‘under attack’, even if you are sitting peacefully.

The conflict between ‘battle readiness’, and ‘calmly sitting’, creates confusion – like accelerating and braking at the same time. While the vagus nerve is sending a signal that ‘the body is in danger’, it’s impossible to calm down, relax and rejuvenate.

Soothing the vagus nerve clears up the internal confusion and re-regulates heart rate. The vagus nerve transmits information controlling both heart rate and inflammation – in two nerve bundles that ‘talk’ to each other. This shared electrical highway explains why the two systems are closely tied.

Perceiving Positivity

After ‘calming’ the vagus nerve, immune rejuvenating and detoxifying processes are turned on. CBD provides an effective, natural, and safe way to ‘tell’ the body to relax – directly communicating with the nervous system in a way you simply can’t do consciously.

CBD flips a subconscious switch telling the body ‘all is well’. Operating via the endocannabinoid system, CBD calms excessive nervous stimulation. Our fast-paced, heavily marketed, and the media-informed world creates more stress than the brain can cope with. CBD subdues stress and inflammation, so the body can relax, and respond more effectively.

Empathy & Understanding

The nervous system acts as an antenna, picking up electromagnetic fields around us. This energetic information exchange enhances compassion and is disoriented by the chaos of inflammation.

When engaged in deep conversation people synchronize movements, postures, tone, and pace; they also connect electrically. Studies reveal that we correctly ‘sense’ emotions by ‘reading’ the electromagnetic fields emanating from others. This subtle, and subconscious, electromagnetic communication creates empathy.

Nourish Your Heart

Master your body’s rhythms with Dr. Sebi’s Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD. Prolonged use of CBD corrects cardiac regulatory issues, lowers cholesterol, and helps you regulate your emotions.

Reduce inflammation by sending the nervous system a clear message to be calm. Fall asleep more easily, rest more peacefully, and help your heartbeat with more variability:

  • CBD Drops (Full Spectrum-1k and double-strength-2k) provide a therapeutic mix of calming cannabinoids. Organic Hemp-CBD is combined with anti-inflammatory nutritional hemp seed oil.
  • CBD Capsules combine raw hemp flowers and plant matter pure organic CBD – creating a powerful phytonutritional banquet.

Appreciating yourself establishes electrical harmony. Gratitude creates a coherent electrical field that can be sensed and shared. Love yourself, and each other, to harmonize the heart and enhance connectivity and empathy.

“Because the one thing that you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you.” – Dr. Sebi