Natural Healing is No Longer Illegal (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Natural Healing is No Longer Illegal (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Hemp is the most versatile plant on the planet with 25,000 known uses! So, you might wonder why it has been demonized, and prohibited, globally.

Discover the true l history of hemp, and its profound properties, kept underground, until now! Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food can finally share this remarkable herb, with our new range of full-spectrum hemp products.

Honest Beginnings

Hemp has been cultivated for cloth, food, paper and medicine for 10,000 years. One of the most popular denim brands had its humble beginnings with hemp, and the great masters used hemp canvas for painting with oils. Hemp paper was used for ancient texts and even early bank notes were created with this versatile plant

In the Middle-Ages ships relied on hemp for strong canvas-sails and rigging-ropes resistant to salt-water damage. By the 19th Century Hemp was grown throughout North America, and in Canada, hemp crops were subsidized, with free seeds from the government.

Progress and Prohibition

By the early 20th century labor-intensive hemp-harvesting couldn’t compete with industrial cotton. Hemp’s own industrial revolution was quashed. Alternative materials such as paper, cotton, and even steel had decreased the importance of hemp.

But, by 1937 Hemp was set to be a $billion crop, with improved technology and many profitable by-products. Sadly, lobbying from petroleum-based synthetic-textile companies pushed for prohibitive taxes and a then ban on hemp-cultivation in the US, and Canada followed suit in 1938.

Propaganda and Police

By the end of alcohol prohibition, smoking marijuana (hemp's more "fun" and "wild" sister) had become more popular. When Police Officers from the disbanded ‘Department of Prohibition’ were moved into the new ‘Federal Bureau of Narcotics’ they targeted marijuana as their new ‘enemy’ to focus on.

The Bureau needed to secure funding, but they were competing with the War in Vietnam. Starting a ‘War on Drugs’ ensured their financial security, keeping officers employed. Tragically, public perception of the harmless, and healthful, cannabis plant was utterly destroyed using falsified research, and propaganda, claiming marijuana caused mental illness and violence.

Thousands of years of safe medicinal use, and the expert opinions of doctors, and legislators, were ignored, as the entire Hemp species was demonized to start a War on Drugs; costing tax-payers $trillions, incarcerating millions, and destroying the lives of many more. Finally, the evidence of the health potential is outweighing the subversion that held the herb back for 50-years.

Future Potential

New legal models recognize the healing-power, and practical uses, of hemp. Advanced technology and agricultural techniques are putting hemp center-stage for the plant-based revolution. Hemp is a raw material for eco-fuels, compostable plastics, building materials, and much more.

Hemp’s health-enhancing qualities are driving a new market of nutritional and therapeutic products. Hemp has a wide range of healing properties, due to its many phytocannabinoids. One of the most healthful is cannabidiol, also called CBD.

Once again established industries are threatened by this powerful-plant and progress is slow. Despite its new legal status, CBD still faces opposition as social-media platforms and search engines, with vested interests elsewhere, prevent its promotion and restrict sales.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food CBD

Hemp is beset with a troubled past of oppression, discrimination, and unfair business practices. Nothing new for natural health, Dr. Sebi faced the same opposition! To honor this remarkable plant, used personally by Dr. Sebi, we can finally share an amazing new range of therapeutic full-spectrum strength-verified CBD and whole-plant hemp products.

If you want to experience the rejuvenating, comforting, relaxing, and calming properties of Mother Nature’s most incredible plant……you can! Right now our store is fully-stocked with a selection of hemp products designed to uplift, enhance and stimulate your wellbeing.

Change your health, and the course of history, with Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Full-Spectrum CBD.