Naturally Improve your Focus at Work (April 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Naturally Improve your Focus at Work (April 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Our world is full of distractions, and staying focused can be challenging ⁠— especially at work. With our daily life being so heavily focused on the digital world, it’s hard not to get distracted by social media or emails.

By taking care of our mind and body, we can pay more attention at work and be more present on a fundamental level. Try these tips to improve your focus and mental agility.

Less multitasking
The more you focus on one task, the better you will perform. While some may consider multitasking to be positive at work, research says it isn’t. A study in the Psychological and Cognitive Sciences journal showed that multitaskers performed poorly in memory tests and in switching from one task to another. Constant multitasking has shown to produce negative effects on cognition, attention, and memory. Focusing on one task at a time allows for greater success in the completion of each individual task, and can have greater positive impacts on your overall mental state.


Meditating can be an effective way to improve your concentration and mental function. A 2011 study in PNAS proves that. After meditating, people were generally happier and less engaged in “mind-wandering.” In addition, multiple other studies found that meditating every day reduces stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

One of the key principles of meditation is focusing on one’s breath. Learning and adopting this technique not only strengthens your body’s ability to focus, it provides an invaluable tool in dealing with stress. Learning to meditate is as easy as playing a guided meditation while sitting at your desk or laying in bed. There are countless, free guided meditations available online that are geared towards beginners. Five to ten minutes of meditation can help you develop lifelong healthy habits and skills that help combat daily stresses and increase your focus and productivity in a thoughtful way.


Regular exercise has many benefits for the mind and body, including helping in the treatment of depression, ADHD, and many other mental and physical illnesses. When you exercise, your brain releases dopamine and serotonin (AKA the “feel-good” hormones). Physical excursion allows the brain to release stress and increase memory and focus.

If you do not exercise regularly, you can take small steps to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Go for a walk during your lunch break, take a beginner’s yoga or pilates class, or follow along with a guided exercise video on YouTube. A great way to ensure you take time out of your schedule to move your body is by adding it to your daily calendar. Blocking off time on your calendar will remind you to exercise and can help make your physical well-being a daily priority.

Make to-do lists

Staying organized lowers your chance of getting overwhelmed with tasks. Make lists to help you keep track of all your tasks. Prioritize and mark your progress . Utilizing digital calendars, to-do list apps, and time management tools can help you stay organized, manage your priorities, and increase your focus.

Modern-day workplaces — and even working from home — are full of distractions as well. There are a lot of stressors, from meeting overload to fear of failure and multitasking. Learning how to remain focused can help boost productivity and improve performance. When there’s too much on our plate and focus becomes an issue, it leads to anxiety, poor sleep, lack of confidence, and burnout.

It can seem like a vicious cycle: you’re stressed and can’t sleep, the lack of sleep creates a lack of focus which causes more stress. Our bodies need to recharge and restore at night, but they cannot do that if we do not get restful sleep. Try Dr. Sebi’s Hemp and Chamomile Tea to sleep better and wake up refreshed and focused.

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food Hemp & Chamomile Tea promotes better sleep and tranquility. Chamomile and full-spectrum hemp are combined to bring about a deep sense of relaxation, restore immunity, fight inflammation, aid in digestion, and reduce stress.

Dr. Sebi’s Hemp & Chamomile Tea naturally detoxifies while producing results similar to antidepressants. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, regulates mood, and helps to open the airways, allowing you to breathe deeply and provide more oxygen to your blood.

People have used chamomile for centuries to treat insomnia, ease menstrual cramps, and lower blood sugar levels. In addition, the calming herb promotes rhythmic and REM sleep so you can wake up refreshed.
Our full-spectrum hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, letting your body and mind relax without the impairing mental effects.