The Benefits of Herbal Tea for Anxiety

The Benefits of Herbal Tea for Anxiety

Let’s talk about anxiety. My name is Adeola, and in this article we’ll explore why we’re feeling so anxious. I’m going to help you understand what’s going on, and why herbal tea for anxiety may be the surprisingly simple solution.

Anxiety is Increasing

Many people believe depression is the number one concern in the 21st century’s growing list of mental health issues. But that title, unfortunately, goes to anxiety.  About 4% of the global population - an estimated 275 million people - suffer from severe anxiety disorders. Between 20% and 40% have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders at some point in their lives.

Fortunately, you don’t have to continue this unhealthy journey when nature has provided some incredible remedies. I can’t change the events in your life, but I can help you find ways to soothe yourself on the inside and cope better with life’s little (or huge!) challenges.


Living with Anxiety

How does anxiety affect daily life and productivity? Many people experience apprehension that prevents them from concentrating, feeling on edge, or find themselves constantly worrying about possible misfortunes.

Others struggle with motor tension, where it’s almost impossible to relax, accompanied by headaches and general restlessness. As the world is just recovering from government restrictions due to the pandemic, you can only imagine how much worse the problem is now.

When I suffer from headaches, my day is practically ruined. I really can’t trust whatever I write when it feels like there’s a loud disco party going on in my brain. Anxiety leaves you with the short end of the stick when it comes to living or improving your life.

We all deserve to live a life of confidence, where we’re not scared to pursue our goals, or too restless to pay attention. Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not effectively responded to the burden that anxiety disorders present. 

Many people with mental health issues struggle to get treatment and those that do get pills that serve as a temporary solution at best. At worst, the (often addictive) pills numb out all emotions and life becomes grey. Anxiety can be medicated away but happiness won’t naturally replace it.

What, then, is the solution?



How Herbal Teas Calm Anxiety

Do you have that desire to still the many voices in your head and achieve true peace of mind? You are not alone! But, did you know that your thoughts are in many ways driven by your diet? Dr. Sebi taught us that acidic foods create acidic thoughts; everything we consume impacts mental health.

When the brain is inflamed, it simply cannot logically, or emotionally, process information. It goes around in anxious circles. The ‘problem’ isn’t the real issue, it’s just a trigger for the ineffective information processing currently going on in your brain!

This is why a warm cup of tea is always soothing, and you can often feel the stress peel away from your body. The warmth is energizing and it melts away confusion with the mucus it moves. Herbal teas do this on a much grander scale as they pack in some incredible calming phytonutrients that soothe inflammation, and re-energize our cognitive capacity.

Every time I take a cup, it doesn’t take so long before I settle into a private calm with more control and an increased ability to stay in touch with reality. Are you ready to dive in with me? Put that kettle on! 

Have you had a Tisane?

The word ‘tea’ is commonly used to mean the black and green tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis bush. This tea, originally from China, contains 3.5% caffeine, which is nearly double what is in coffee beans (they are only 1% to 2% caffeine).  

Steeped herbs, on the other hand, are known as tisanes (not teas) and many of them relieve anxiety and stress.  The rich polyphenol profile and phytonutrient content provide a lot of anti-oxidizing compounds which neutralize the free radicals that make it hard to think clearly.

Incredibly it’s not just drinking the herbal tisane that calms anxiety; even the process of making a cup can drastically change your mood. Establishing a rhythm (like a morning tisane) increases your level of certainty and control over a situation. A very simple relaxing ritual will provide some nice neurotransmitters that help you feel more in control.

My Simple Ritual 

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. I simply start by getting all the ingredients ready on my counter then take a moment to reflect while I wait for my refreshment to brew. 

The beauty of herbal tisanes is that there are numerous ways to prepare them, and you can choose anyone that fits your taste. I enjoy consuming it early in the morning so I start my day on the right foot. 

My preference is hot beverages, and that means a teaspoon of herbs in about 200ml of hot water. You can also prepare tisanes hot, or add ice after brewing to cool it down into a refreshing chilled drink. 

Herbal tisanes have various functions, which can be used at different times of the day. Apart from anxiety, they help with digestion when taken after meals. You can also create a bedtime ritual with specific herbs, like chamomile, known for their ability to help you unwind. 

Calming herbs do not contain stimulants (like caffeine) and they are not addictive. A relaxing herbal tisane will put you in the right frame of mind to calmly forge ahead through your days with more self-confidence, and less fidgeting.  It feels like magic.

So, now it’s time to answer the most important question: which herbal teas can help with anxiety?



Tisanes and Herbal Teas for Anxiety

Hemp Tea

Top on my list is hemp tea, which is truly a dose of freedom for your mind and body. The major function of this herbal tea is a calmness that permeates your brain and muscles. It contains a non-psychoactive substance called CBD which has been repeatedly proven (throughout history and now in clinical trials) to be an effective remedy for:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

If you don’t have an anxiety disorder, will hemp help? Yes! Disorders are simply medical categorizations developed by pharmaceutical companies to market synthetic versions of natural plants. As Dr. Sebi taught, there is only one disease (mucus) caused by inflammation in different parts of the body. 

So, if you have a little brain inflammation, you might feel ‘overly concerned' about a specific issue. Spend a few days neutralizing inflammation, with a tasty hemp tisane, and you will find the problem isn’t so big. Conversely, binge eating processed food for just 24 hours will make the problem will seem much worse. 

Hemp will also encourage better sleeping patterns, which is a great step towards having a calmer mind. Also, hemp is great for reducing aches and pains that make life less enjoyable. Don’t suffer needlessly, you can harness the benefits of hemp oil to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. 



This magnificent herb is known as the ‘star’ due to its wide range of helpful effects. Chamomile contains the potent flavone apigenin, which reduces depression and relieves anxiety. Chamomile drinkers also talk about how much it calms the stomach and generally makes the body feel more comfortable. At low doses, chamomile, specifically apigenin, is relaxing, while at higher doses it is a sedative (sleep-inducing).

Apigenin also helps regulate cell cycles, reducing the risk of uncontrolled cell growth that can become cancerous. It also exerts a neuroprotective effect by preventing calcium build-up in neural mitochondria (the powerhouses of your brain cells). The anti-inflammatory flavone also enhances your response to hormones and can reduce cortisol production (the stress hormone) by half.  This is why it helps you feel much calmer.


Elderberry is known to support the immune system by neutralizing inflammation and providing lots of tasty nutrients. Less well known as an anxiety buster, this potent berry is the most commonly used medicinal plant in the world. The flowers are relaxing for your nerves and will help get you off to a good night’s sleep. 

The deep colored pigments (that stain your fingers if you pick the berries yourself) are responsible for boosting brain health and increasing oxygenation during times of stress. We forget that the brain needs to be nourished, and berries (together with healthy fats) are its favorite food!


Creating Calmness

You may have been surprised to learn that herbs can shift your thinking away from anxiety and towards mental freedom. Would you like to take charge of your healing process and opt for a natural remedy for your anxiety? Enjoying a daily boost in energy, calmer nerves, and even better quality sleep is not too much to ask for. It’s possible.

Which tisane will you create? What herbs would you like to trust today?


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