Wake up and smell the herbs! (March 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Wake up and smell the herbs! (March 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Have you ever wondered why society is getting sicker? Mass media influence and carefully constructed propaganda have kept us in the dark. Are you ready to hear the shocking truth about the value of your health?

The Over-Medicalization of Society
In the US, 40% of adults over 60 take five different medications or more. 99% of these medications are made from petrochemicals (substances derived from crude oil). They are inherently toxic and designed to suppress symptoms, not heal.

The immense list of side effects caused by all pharmaceutical drugs is a testament to their toxicity. Additional medications are prescribed to cover up new symptoms caused by the drug’s adverse effects. This excess of medication is known as polypharmacy, and risks include even more side effects, cognitive decline, cancers, damaged organs, and death.

The global pharmaceutical industry is worth $1,250 billion, giving it unprecedented political and medical influence. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars to ‘encourage’ doctors to prescribe even more drugs. Harvard University researchers found that doctors accept ‘donations’ (gifts, cash, or paid work) in return for promoting prescribed drugs.

You might be surprised to learn that the US is ranked last in health care outcomes in the league of developed countries. While ranking well below average for health outcomes, the US pharmaceutical industry is the largest globally. Drug advertisements targeted at consumers, and pharmaceutical sponsorship of the news drive a misinformed narrative that consuming bountiful amounts of these ‘magic pills' are good for your wellbeing.

Every year more than 150,000 people die from the adverse effects of medical treatments - including correctly prescribed medications - a number that has risen substantially in the last two decades. The realization that we have been brainwashed by a system that promotes disease, not health, is accelerating the interest in natural, alternative, and holistic health.

Why Synthetic Drugs May Not Work For You

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars researching and developing new drugs, but, as a society, our health is getting worse. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes are becoming increasingly common, even in children, and cancer patient outcomes have barely changed since the 1930s. So, why aren’t drugs working?

Treating Symptoms
Drugs can mask symptoms, but they do not address the root causes of the disease. For example, depression medications suppress symptoms like anxiety and negative feelings by interfering with functions in the brain. But, they ignore critical elements like nutrient deficiencies, toxins, inflammation, trauma, and living a life without purpose. Exercise has proven to be an effective antidepressant and it also boosts immune health.

Adverse Effects
Drugs leave many patients worse off than before taking them. Adverse effects from commonly prescribed medications include allergic reactions, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, weight gain, and in more severe incidents self harm or wanting to harm others. Every year in the US, 40,000 people die from ‘expected’ adverse drug effects.

Incorrect Models
Modern medicine is slow to change and out of date with the latest biology. For example, the protective role of cholesterol was established over a decade ago. Yet it’s still the target of highly profitable drugs that prevent its production. The same drugs damage the liver and increase the risk of heart attacks.

Out of Date
Doctors who studied medicine several decades ago were taught by professors and books that were already behind the times. Most doctors only receive updates from pharmaceutical reps without doing any of their own research and are unaware that their knowledge is outdated and biased.

Drug Dependency
People can get addicted to prescription medications; we see this with the current opioid crisis and the misuse of amphetamine-like drugs prescribed for ADHD. It’s widely known that legal prescription drugs are far more deadly than illegal street drugs (more than 100 people die from prescription drug overdoses every day in the US).

Ignoring the Gut
The medical models of health ignore the role of nutrition. Eating inflammatory diets that lack fiber, combined with mineral malnutrition, is ‘normal’. Antibiotics indiscriminately kill good and bad bacteria, damaging the delicate balance of the gut microbiome essential for immunity and nutritional health.

The Suppression of Natural Health

Keeping people sick with a system dedicated to disease care, not healthcare, is a business model based on profit. It’s in the interest of pharmaceutical companies (with more economic and political influence than whole nations) to promote toxic drugs while keeping effective natural treatments hidden. Healthy patients don’t need to spend money on toxic prescription drugs.

“A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for huge profits is not a real society but a huge mental asylum.” - Dr. Sebi.

The censorship of natural health started in the 1800s. Influential individuals in the petrochemical industry realized they could selectively poison people to treat a physical or mental condition. Long-term effects were ignored, and patients are still being brainwashed into handing over their health.

Since this purposeful takedown of natural health, holistic and herbal practitioners have been demonized because their treatments are safer, cheaper, and often much more effective. In other words, a threat to the medical and pharmaceutical industry’s profits and ‘health’ monopoly.

Natural herbal treatments and healing processes (like fasting) with thousands of years of healing pedigree have been suppressed and attacked. Traditional medicine has been downplayed as old wives' tales and often dismissed as an option. Fortunately, we are waking up to the illusion, and an incredible amount of high-quality science, and individual experience, is proving the benefits of natural health.

Health Information Gatekeepers

Discrediting, intimidating, bullying, and outright lying about natural health modalities and practitioners is part of the pharmaceutical business strategy.

Pharmaceutical companies spend more than $1 billion on social media advertising alone every year. While natural healers are shadow banned on all social media outlets, making important content unavailable.

The stranglehold on health information costs lives. As long as people keep outsourcing their responsibility to a medical system that outlaws natural healing and promotes toxic petrochemicals, our health will only decline. We need to remember that nature provided us with all the solutions for our health and wellbeing.

Herbs work in harmony with the body in an ‘adaptogenic’ way - they respond to each individual’s biological needs. Herbs can often resolve multiple root causes at once, and side effects are rare or non-existent. Dr. Sebi was able to reverse most of the lifestyle diseases that mainstream medicine still insists are ‘incurable.’

Unfortunately, the narrow scope of the for-profit medical model influenced our understanding of natural health. Here at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food, we’re often asked, “what herb can I take to fix this issue?”.

True health results from multiple factors, including diet, exercise, social connections, mental state, and having meaningful goals in life. Fortunately, the combination of herbs and quality nutrition can have an incredibly powerful and even life-saving impact.

The Master Herbal Healer

One plant that has provided humanity with huge health benefits for thousands of years is hemp. Compounds derived from hemp work synergistically with three of the body’s most important biological systems: the digestive, immune, and nervous systems.

The trinity of biological effects makes hemp, and hemp-CBD, a master healer. CBD can address the root causes of many conditions, including depression, anxiety, pain, seizures, and even so-called ‘incurable’ lifestyle diseases.

Hemp-CBD alone provides a viable alternative to many of the most profitable pharmaceutical drugs. Not only can it rebalance crucial body systems and improve mood and focus, but it does so without side effects.

The effects of CBD are enhanced with regular use as the body positively acclimatizes to the beneficial effects. This is in stark contrast to medications which gradually stop having an impact - as the body learns to detox them quicker to prevent toxic damage.

The positive influence of Hemp-CBD is cumulative; it works quickly and increases over time. Taking consistent regular doses and establishing a daily hemp habit is a natural way to fortify and protect your health.

Waking Up!

Dr. Sebi knew he was working against a system that prevents health. But, things are changing. Natural and alternative healthcare is a rapidly developing global market with a heart-warming 22% annual growth rate (compared to just 7.4% for the pharmaceutical industry).

More than 25% of US consumers seek natural solutions and organic products. Mother Nature and her healing herbs are here to protect us. Society is gradually opening its eyes to a new model of health and vitality.

Master herbs like hemp help us step away from medical models that cause suffering and walk towards a new paradigm of genuine vitality. Do you have the freedom to pursue your natural health?