What’s your self-care style? (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What’s your self-care style? (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Self-love, self-care, and self-soothing are psychological tools that build esteem and improve your mood. But, when you’re feeling stressed it seems impossible to self-support in a healthy way.

We share 100 practical ways to self-comfort that can help you feel better immediately.

“Because the one thing that you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you.” – Dr. Sebi.

Don’t turn to addictive foods or drinks to block out uncomfortable emotions. This pseudo-support is a quick fix that does much more damage than good. You can calm anxiety, stress, and unease naturally with organic hemp-CBD. Relax your body and mind in a way Mother Nature intended.

Communicating Care

There are different ways you can tell yourself that you care. Any action which supports your wellbeing is a form of self-love, compared to self-destructive actions like binge eating or alcoholism.

Choosing to treat yourself with kindness installs self-worth into your subconscious mind. The more you actively show yourself that you have value, the more your esteem will grow. As you treat yourself with more love and respect, the people around you will too.

We can’t simply decide that we love ourselves; we need to prove it to ourselves! Plus, the more positive action you take, the easier it becomes. Practical self-appreciation ‘credits’ your emotional bank account, helping you remain calm and feel resilient during challenging circumstances.

The more you practice self-love every day, the easier it becomes to use these tools during emotional emergencies. Many of us learned to self-sooth with sugar and addictive processed comfort foods - let’s learn some loving and healthy alternatives.

Self-Love Styles

Here are 100 ways to express love to yourself, divided into ten categories. Review the list to see which types you are most drawn to. Self-love is a unique expression of personal adoration, which of these activities would you appreciate doing

Somatic: Making your body feel good (touching, moving, pampering).

  • Get a massage or massage yourself.
  • Exfoliate or use a dry skin brush.
  • Wear comfy clothes or wrap-up in a blanket.
  • Dance round the room to your favorite music.
  • Do a gentle exercise class you enjoy.
  • Cook up a delicious alkaline meal.
  • Take a nap and let your body rest.
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Hydrate with pure spring water.
  • Have a hug-in-a-mug with relaxing CBD-tea.

Organizational: Making your future easier (planning, preparing, learning)

  • Writing goals and planning actions.
  • Planning your schedule for the day.
  • Creating to-do lists and checking off tasks.
  • Cleaning your bedroom and living space.
  • Making a budget or financial plan.
  • Organizing your closet or desk.
  • Taking classes to enhance your skills.
  • Finding activities and events to attend.
  • Setting boundaries for your time and energy.
  • Creating effective routines.

Investment: treating yourself like you deserve (gifts, products, experiences)

  • Buying yourself flowers or plants.
  • Taking vacations or weekends away.
  • Treating yourself to an item you’ve had your eye on.
  • Investing in products to enhance health.
  • Getting supplies for a creative project.
  • Purchasing a new piece of equipment.
  • Upgrading your technology.
  • Saving money for the future.
  • Going on a shopping spree.
  • Spending money on a healthy treat.

Time: quality time with yourself (fun, hobbies, passions)

  • Take yourself out on a date
  • Read an enjoyable book.
  • Play a game or do a puzzle.
  • Watch the sun rise or set.
  • Watch your favorite films.
  • Hike a nature trail.
  • Meditate or visualize.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Spend time alone.
  • Explore a new hobby.

Appreciation: Words that feel good (affirmation, adoration, compliments)

  • Reflecting on your strengths.
  • Saying daily affirmations.
  • Using positive self-talk.
  • Keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Compliment yourself.
  • Encourage yourself.
  • Setting clear goals.
  • Giving yourself a pep-talk.
  • Listing qualities you like about yourself.
  • Reviewing the highlights of your day.

Emotional: connecting with feelings (crying, talking, creativity)

  • Talking to a supportive friend.
  • Journaling your feelings.
  • Reading a self-help book.
  • Listening to music.
  • Letting yourself cry.
  • Listening to an inspirational talk.
  • Creating art or music.
  • Learning to say ‘no.’
  • Practicing forgiveness.
  • Reviewing photos of happy memories.

Environmental: Making your space meet your needs (clean, beautiful, effective)

  • Do a deep clean (consider a professional cleaner to help).
  • Declutter and get rid of stuff you don’t need.
  • Review items in storage/the garage.
  • Write a grocery list and plan your meals.
  • Put clean sheets on your bed.
  • Replace broken items in the home.
  • Make the space more beautiful.
  • Sort through your clothes.
  • Make a plan to enhance each room.
  • Create an outdoor space to enjoy.

Mental: Stimulation for your mind (activities, games, education)

  • Write a poem or story.
  • Listen to new music.
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Reflect on your life.
  • Dream about your future.
  • Take a course.
  • Start a new fitness class.
  • Read a new book.
  • Visit a museum or gallery.

Social: Connecting with other people (friends, family, community)

  • Call your parents or siblings.
  • Take a walk with a friend.
  • Join a community forum.
  • Reconnect with an old friend.
  • Talk to your neighbor.
  • Write a letter to a loved one.
  • Organize a pot-luck dinner.
  • Remove toxic people from your life.
  • Join a new team.
  • Do local volunteer work.

Inward: Awareness outside the ego (nature, meditation, purpose)

  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Look up at the stars.
  • Watch the clouds.
  • Do a good deed.
  • Spend time meditating.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Appreciate the great outdoors.
  • Volunteer your time and service.
  • Explore your purpose in life.
  • Create a vision board.

Banking the Credits

Ensure you find a selection of ways to let yourself know how important you are. Build your emotional bank account up with these easy ways to express self-approval. What else could you add to the list that makes you feel good about yourself? What forms of self-sabotage could you let go of?

This month we thought you would also appreciate 15% off the entire CBD range. High quality CBD has been shown to help you let go of the stress that makes emotions more difficult to manage. Include CBD in your self-care program to invest in yourself and your future happiness.

Self-care is an antidote to unhappiness and isolation, the more you do it, the better you will feel. But, you need to find what styles and behaviors work for you. How will you express your love for yourself today?