What’s Your Wellness Score? (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What’s Your Wellness Score? (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What does it mean to be well? Discover the ten dimensions of wellness to enhance your mind, body, and lifestyle. Are there some areas you overlook?

Sleep, relaxation, and focus are three interconnected aspects of health that are often compromised. Restore your ability to pace your mind and body with organic help from hemp-CBD.

The Wellness Journey

Most people understand health as the absence of disease, but it could be so much more. By exploring the different dimensions of wellness, we can create a more accurate and inspiring map of our true potential to live healthy and vital lives into old age.

Healthy aging and longevity are not supported by the dominant medical model. We are bombarded with negative health messages that disconnect us from our natural potential to live long and happy lives, full of energy and vitality.

Disease is not the result of an unlucky genetic lottery and it’s not a natural part of aging. A huge amount of misinformation around processed food, toxins, lifestyle choices, and our true bio-electric physiology props up an expensive public health nightmare; the only way out is to wake up.

Health, longevity, and quality of life are the result of our daily personal choices. With good information, you can make good choices to improve your wellness and preserve your long-term health. Where are you in your wellness journey? Where are you heading?

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us. Stay consistent with life itself by channeling spring, and let your wellbeing bloom”. - Dr. Sebi.

Aspects of Health

You can’t create long-term vitality by making just a few minor changes to your life. Improving wellness is a transformative journey where you continually make better choices that enhance your body and mind, one step at a time.

This personal evolution never stops. Like nature, you will keep on growing! Balancing the different dimensions of wellness in our lives supports daily decision-making while preparing for the long and healthy lives we deserve. Which of the different aspects of health are you paying attention to, and which ones need more focus?

Wellness Inventory

Below are statements about the different critical areas of health. Which statements are true for you? Give yourself a score out of 10 for each area. Answer each question with ‘true’ or ‘false’ to see how your score adds up.

Emotional Balance

  • I can talk about my feelings with ease.
  • I can say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.
  • I feel content most of the time.
  • I am aware of how I am feeling.
  • I understand my emotions.
  • I am able to process negative emotions.
  • I learn from stressful situations.
  • I take care of myself emotionally.
  • I take responsibility for how I feel.
  • I focus more on positive emotions and memories.

Mental Development

  • I can relax, switch off, and unwind easily.
  • I am open to new ideas and change.
  • I can think critically and objectively.
  • I can creatively solve problems.
  • I can retrieve information from my memory easily.
  • I successfully manage my time.
  • I am learning new skills.
  • I enjoy educating myself.
  • I am developing my own ideas and opinions.
  • I listen to perspectives different from my own.

Personal Growth

  • I have a sense of purpose in life.
  • I have clear goals I am pursuing.
  • I appreciate who I am.
  • I trust myself and my decisions.
  • I am becoming more aware of who I am.
  • I challenge myself with new experiences.
  • I enjoy developing myself.
  • I reflect on my actions and behaviors.
  • I take responsibility for my life and choices.
  • I am enjoying the journey of life.

Physical Needs

  • I listen to my body.
  • I ensure I am hydrated.
  • I plan my meals.
  • I eat healthy ingredients.
  • I avoid unhealthy food.
  • I exercise regularly.
  • I get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • I abstain from alcohol.
  • I do not smoke tobacco.
  • I support my immune system.

Environmental Support

  • I treat nature with love and respect.
  • I spend time connecting with nature.
  • I avoid toxic personal care products.
  • I do not use chemicals to clean my home.
  • I recycle waste and consider my impact on the planet.
  • I keep my space tidy and organized.
  • I have a nurturing home environment.
  • I have a comfortable place to work.
  • I can breathe fresh air.
  • I can drink clean spring water.

Social Cohesion

  • I have a network of people to connect with.
  • I have positive relationships with my family.
  • I have professional support when needed.
  • I have a close circle of friends.
  • I can develop friendships.
  • I trust those around me.
  • I can ask for help.
  • I have at least one close friend.
  • I am able to support my friends.
  • I am involved with my community.

Financial Security

  • I can pay all my bills.
  • I plan and budget my money.
  • I spend wisely.
  • I have savings.
  • I know my bank balance.
  • I have a good credit score.
  • I donate money to charity.
  • I invest in myself.
  • I am paid fairly for my work (or retirement).
  • I am confident with money.

Occupational Stability

  • I value my contribution.
  • I am motivated by my work.
  • I feel inspired and challenged at work.
  • I can work independently.
  • I feel part of a team.
  • I understand my role.
  • I know how to advance or get promoted.
  • I like the people I work with.
  • I balance my work and home life.
  • I appreciate my manager.

Moral Compass

  • I take time to reflect.
  • I am aware of my strengths.
  • I grow from my weaknesses.
  • I continually develop my skills.
  • I clearly communicate my needs.
  • I can deal with conflict.
  • I can forgive others.
  • I am compassionate.
  • I know right from wrong.
  • I take time to pause and just be.


  • I am ok being alone.
  • I can resolve my problems.
  • I appreciate myself often.
  • I am assertive but not aggressive.
  • I regularly take stock of my life.
  • I count my blessings.
  • I face my challenges head-on.
  • I like myself as a person.
  • I can receive compliments.
  • I smile often.

How did you do? Did any category stand out that needs more work than the others?

Enhancing Wellness

By simply being aware of the 10 different areas, you can choose to put your attention where it’s needed. Many people struggle to balance their lives and put an excess of energy into people or activities which do them harm.

Learning to relax and unwind is one of the key ways that we can restore work-life balance and regain control of leisure time. If you would like to let go more easily then try some relaxing CBD-Tea, soft-gels, or drops to help you engage in calming parasympathetic nervous activity. There is 15% off all CBD products until the end of the month, enjoy a new state of calm.

To live an enjoyable healthy life, full of energy and positivity, you need to be in balance. Don’t let one dimension of your life take control, or get ignored. Trust your intuition to guide you, and gently work towards a greater sense of wellness, one category at a time. Where will you start and when?