Hemp Extract Oil Benefits You Can Believe!

Hemp Extract Oil Benefits You Can Believe!

Hi, my name is Emon, I’m a writer and web designer from Long Beach, with a vast interest in fitness, behavior therapy, and animal care. 

Today I want to tell you about my experiences using hemp extract oil and how it helped alleviate years of pain and stiffness, allowing me to tackle my daily activities more easily and passionately. 


Years of Pain

Given the nature of my work, I do a lot of sitting for hours on end; and, I think that it was this constant sitting, blended with an ankle injury, and the accumulation of life’s stress, that began to wear heavily on my body. 

I always felt tense like I was in danger 24/7, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. Every time I discovered something new - my shoulders already being tight, my ankle being prone to strains and inflammation, etc - something else seemed to pop up in my body. 

Eventually, my sleeping habits began to suffer due to my jaw and neck muscles being so uncomfortable, and I had to engineer a new resting position every few days. 

After years of YouTube therapy and brief doctor visits, I became deflated in hope of healing myself any time soon. “Maybe when I get the money for some huge surgery operation,” I would say to myself. 

Oddly enough, x-rays throughout my body revealed no severe damage to any of my bones or joints. So, what I was experiencing had to be a result of learned trauma, repetitive tightening of my muscles from stress and anxiety, and poor posture.

Still, tired from a lack of results, I wanted surgery. Thankfully, however, it never came to that.


How Hemp Extract Oil Helped Me

On not quite a whim, but hope for something, anything, better than constant rigidity and achy joints, I decided to give hemp extract oil oil a try, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. 

After hearing of my symptoms, a friend of mine gave me some of their hemp extract oil oil. Eagerly, I accepted. After applying the oil to the affected areas of my body, I noticed relief in minutes! I could feel my neck and shoulder muscles relax and the constant sensation to crack or flex them decreased for hours. 

Although only temporary, it was like the heaven-sent relief I’d been looking for for years. 

I learned that the muscles around my upper body didn’t just feel tight; they were tight. And they were weak and inflexible. The hemp extract oil oil helped me relax more than I had been able to in years, affording me the comfortability and confidence to search for, and actually do (with proper form), exercises to improve my mobility. 

Additionally, sleep became more of the natural process that it should be. I was able to lay in my bed comfortably and I often woke up only after a full-nights rest. 

Before using the oil and improving my mobility, I’d get maybe one to two hours of disturbed sleep, until I eventually shifted my position and managed to drift away.



Can Hemp Extract Oil Help You?

Have you had similar issues with chronic pain and stiffness? If so, then you know the joy you get when you’re finally able to move how you’d like to move. The way you know you can move, if only you can get your body to remember. Whether that comes from yoga, exercise, therapy, or hemp extract oil: relief is relief. And after extended periods of tension, it’s absolutely glorious.

Personally, I think pairing hemp extract oil with the other things aforementioned is the best way to get results. The reason being is because you mix the benefits of hemp extract oil - a reduction in pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress - with the results of exercise and yoga; and what you create is a new body ready to tackle the world from every angle. 


Why People Don’t Try Hemp Extract Oil (In My Opinion)

I think more people don't use hemp extract oil for three main reasons. 

Number One: Close Ties to THC

Did you know that hemp extract oil and THC are not one and the same? Although hemp extract oil is found in plants of the cannabis genus, and is similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), unlike its cousin it is non-psychoactive. 

In other words, hemp extract oil doesn’t produce that “high” sensation that’s associated with THC and marijuana. Still, I think that people who aren’t very aware of hemp extract oil, or marijuana for that matter, link both of them together as “weed.” This misunderstanding keeps people from investigating hemp extract oil products and limits their trust in reviews and new research. 

Number Two: Mainstream Media and Studies Reveal Minimal Results

No matter how you slice it, even with thousands of people raving over hemp and hemp extract oil products around the world, there’s still a limited amount of publicized news of hemp extract oil’s benefits. Natural health is heavily censored in our pharmaceutically-sponsored media. 

However, the idea that there are limited documented benefits of hemp extract oil is a myth. In the same way that many agencies worked to label marijuana as bad and damaging, neglecting to recognize the proven benefits it brought people, hemp extract oil also fell into this category.

Number Three: They Haven't Seen Results

This one’s a little different, in that someone may have tried hemp extract oil, for a week or two, but got little to no results from their product. Results like these can deflate someone’s belief in a product and cause them to believe that the whole industry is a scam.

However, there are several reasons why someone may not see the results they’re looking for in a hemp extract oil product. The number one issue is that the product they bought contained little to no hemp extract oil (this is a common issue in the unregulated industry!) Or, they needed to give it more time for the effects to build up (that’s how hemp extract oil works, the effects are additive when you use it consistently).



Real Hemp Extract Benefits You Can See!

I’m happy to say that my experience with using topical hemp extract oil was incredibly pleasant and helped me begin my journey of healing my body on a much deeper level. 

I saw my sleep improve. My neck, shoulder, jaw, and ankle muscles improved in mobility and decreased in tension. And, my anxiety and stress levels dropped, which was monumental in giving me the comfort I needed to navigate my daily activities with ease and poise. 

I highly recommend anyone looking for a natural remedy for pain, anxiety, trauma, inflammation, stress, and insomnia try hemp extract oil! You’ll be happy you did.



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